Private Sessions

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy allows direct communication with the subconscious where memories, perceptions and habits are said to be stored. This is where real change begins. Through the process of hypnotherapy, the accumulation of negative thought patterns are replaced with new truths that permit success at the core, the belief system.

Energy Session: Energy, or Chi, flows in, throughout, and around our bodies and when this energy is not flowing seamlessly we can experience a discord or blocks which may effect our ability to think clearly, experience vitality or enjoy optimum physical health.  Reiki sessions work to improve this energetic flow for the purpose of feeling better mentally, physically and spiritually.

Guided Imagery:  Guided Imagery uses relaxing techniques that allow you strengthen desired characteristics or outcomes.You are mentally able to rehearse life the way you want it and commit your activity and positive feelings to memory. And because the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined, these guided sessions will influence your reality by altering your expectations.

Massage: Massage is a wonderful way to decompress, release toxins and realign physically, mentally and emotionally.  Kim offers both 60 minute and 90 minute massages.

Intuitive Session:  Intuition exists deep within. It’s the information that comes to us in our dreams or hits us like a flash, a sense of “just knowing” or those gut reactions that we refer to as hunches. Tapping into Intuition may reveal some blocks, provide wonderful insight or it may help look at a current problem or situation from a fresh perspective with new or creative ideas for a resolution. An intuitive session can provide huge ah-ha moments as well as liberating breakthroughs. All in all, the sole purpose of an intuitive session is to help my clients heal, understand, release and find peace to be able to continue with their journey of life in harmony.

Meditation Coaching:  For those who are not familiar with how to meditate or have tried it many times with no luck, I’ll work with you to teach you the basics of meditation.You’ll learn what it feel like to drop down into an Alpha or Theta brainwave state and learn how to access this state-of-mind on your own. You’ll learn what it feels like to observe your thoughts and emotions instead of sitting right in the center of them.

Breathwork: Breathwork supports self-awareness and self-healing through various suggested breathing techniques. The goal is to improve the whole person through spiritual, mental, and physical means.If one part of the entire person is off-kilter, breathwork can aid in bringing them all together as one. Trauma can be expelled through deep and focused breaths, the powerful connection between mind, body, and soul diminishes trauma. Breathwork restores the balance of the body’s systems by creating space and tranquility in the body as a whole.