Zen Online Course: Tapping Into Intuition


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When we say, “I think I should take that job/make that choice/date that person/make that move,”  which “I” is doing the talking – is it the Inner Critic, Inner Child, Inner Ego, Intuition? Tapping into our own intuition helps us to live a more balanced, creative and joyful life, while recognizing old doubts of the Inner Critic, power struggles of the Ego and old fear patterns of the Inner Child. This class will assist in finding the voice inside of us that guides us to answers that are for our best and highest good so that we can find love, peace, answers, enlightenment, and abundance through that still, small voice inside of us that always wants what’s best for us – our INTUITION.

This online video course is a 3 part series designed to be watched in order.

The course reviews the different chakras, the various “Clairs” which will help us understand how our intution communicates,  guided meditations to introduce us with our different “I’s” (Inner Critic, Inner Child, Inner Ego, and Intuition), exercises on creating our language library with our Intuition and various intuitive exercises.